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5 Myths about BIM Technology

September 7, 2023
BIM myths

Nowadays, BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology plays a key role in the construction industry, contributing to a revolution in the design, construction and real estate management. However, despite its significant role and influence, there are many myths and misconceptions around BIM that can affect the way it is used and understood.

It is worth understanding that BIM is not only a design tool, but also an approach to project and property management. It is a tool that evolves along with technological progress and the requirements of the construction industry. By abolishing these myths, we want to help raise awareness of the true potential and benefits of BIM and encourage its more comprehensive use.

Here are the most popular myths about BIM technology:

1. Myth: BIM is only for large construction projects

This is one of the common misconceptions. BIM is a flexible technology that can be used in both large and small construction projects. It is available to construction companies of all sizes and budgets.

2. Myth: BIM is just a design tool

BIM is not only a design tool, but also a data management tool throughout the property lifecycle. It helps in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of a building facility, which leads to effective property management.

3. Myth: BIM is just a fad that will pass quickly

BIM is much more than a temporary trend. It is an evolving technology that is becoming a standard in the construction industry. Companies that do not adapt to it may find it difficult to remain competitive.

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4. Myth: BIM is too time consuming

The introduction of BIM may seem time-consuming at first, but in the long run it can speed up the process of designing, constructing and managing real estate. With better coordination and project analysis, delays can be avoided.

5. Myth: BIM is just a 3D tool

BIM is much more than just a three-dimensional visualization of a project. In addition to the 3D aspect, BIM enables building information modeling, which includes aspects such as costing, project management and much more.

It is worth understanding that BIM is accessible and beneficial to all participants in construction projects, from designers and engineers to property owners and managers. By dispelling the myths, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of the role of BIM and inspire companies to use this technology in a more comprehensive and effective way.

BIM is not just a trend, it is a reality that can change our industry for the better.

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