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Digital representations of real products, equipment or building materials used by architects when designing buildings.

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BIM models are digital representations of real products, equipment or building materials used by architects when designing buildings. Specific models are created by combining 3D models with metadata about the product.

The manufacturer, representing its products in the form of BIM models, makes them available not only in a visual form, but also with related data such as material, model number, assembly manual, energy consumption, carbon footprint, etc.

At the same time, high-quality models with full documentation constitute a sales product in themselves, increasing the visibility and reach of the company.

The ease and availability with which they can be used in a project gives a good chance of using them at the construction stage, thus generating new orders.

Therefore, they become a marketing tool that builds an advantage over the competition.

BIM Ally content

BIM content for manufacturers of the construction and installation industry.

BIM content for manufacturers

More and more manufacturers are choosing to produce BIM models of their products, regardless of whether they are construction, finishing or installation materials. BIM is a design future that is slowly becoming a standard, and the manufacturers themselves are already seeing a number of benefits from adopting this technology in their companies.

Therefore, it is worth investing in building the company’s competences in this direction today. BIM is not only a 3D model with data, it is also a support for the designer in the process of his work, it is a simple choice of materials during design, and above all, meeting the needs of the modern construction industry market.

Investors are looking for companies implementing projects in BIM technology, design offices wanting to work effectively, are looking for ready BIM libraries, governments support the development of technology by announcing public procurement tenders made in this technology.

The most important functions

Creating BIM Models is the foundation for adapting BIM technology in any manufacturing company
construction, installation and finishing materials. Therefore, BIM ALLY makes sure that
The delivered BIM models were characterized by:

Digital representation of the real product.

Including parametric data in the model.

Models in multiple languages.

Delivery of BIM models in .ifc .rvt format. rva .pln .skp .gps.

Preparation of models based on documentation in pdf, excel files or thanks to a data stream from the PIM system.

Updating models on a regular basis after integration with the PIM program.

BIM benefits
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