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Move into the AR – VR world, where the manufacturer’s products used in a given project are imaged and see not only individual elements of the interior, but also have the ability to move and change views.


What is worth knowing about showrooms?

It is a tool that is intended for use by the end customer and developers or manufacturers of modular houses who want to show the interior of a given house, apartment or room.

How it’s working? The user is introduced to the digital world represented by a digital twin of the building/room, in which we can not only see individual elements, but also move and change the view.

Key features

For the manufacturer – the ability to show products live in the form of a responsive application in which the user can move.

You can add a product information card to a given product or enable live comparison of products in the form of both data and live presentation.

For the user – he no longer has to imagine what the product will look like, but has the opportunity to see how it will look live.

showrooms benefits

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