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BIM ALLY at the 26th “Cities on the Internet” conference!

June 22, 2023

On June 14-15, 2023, one of the most important and inspiring conferences on the development of cities in the digital era – “Cities on the Internet” – was held. This unique event brought together experts, policy makers, leaders and enthusiasts who had the opportunity to share their ideas, experiences and visions on digital transformation. This is the 26th edition of this interesting event.

The “Cities on the Internet” conference was devoted to exploring the ways in which technology can change our cities, make them smarter, more sustainable and more livable. This meeting brought great inspiration and presented innovative solutions that aim to improve the quality of life, energy efficiency, mobility, civic participation and many other aspects related to the development of construction.

The main thematic streams were:

  1. Challenges of mature and accessible public services – standardization, Local Government Information Architecture and cooperation between entities
  2. Challenges of resident-friendly smart cities&vilages in the era of climate change, energy crisis and security threats.
  3. Challenges of building new generation telecommunications networks – investments in fiber optic and 5G networks, cooperation of local governments and telecommunications operators.
  4. Challenges of financing digital projects: (in)adequacy of operational program funds to the real needs of local government units and ensuring financing for small and medium-sized local governments
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Our speaker was Piotr Trusiewicz – member of the board of BIM ALLY Sp. z o.o. and the leader of the construction subgroup – IoT Working Group.

Piotr had the opportunity to present a presentation entitled “Municipal construction 4.0 – benefits of using BIM and data management in municipal investments” during the session “Digital revolution in municipal construction. Challenges for local governments”, in which he participated with Robert Kiedryński – BIM coordinator at Budimex SA.

Piotr also took part in the discussion panel “Benefits of digitization of processes in municipal construction.” Piotr raised the subject of digital construction in Poland and the benefits of data management in municipal investments.

The main topics of discussion also included: building awareness of the digitization of construction among representatives of local governments or BIM itself and minimizing the fear that often accompanies people introducing this technology to their company.

The discussion was conducted by Paweł Górski – member of the board of buildingSMART Polska, and at the same time BIM Manager/Head of the Design Department at Xella Polska. Paweł focused on discussing the initiatives undertaken by buildingSMART and the BIM working group.

In addition to Piotr and Paweł, the following also took part in the discussion:

– Marta Wołosiewicz-Połomka, PC BIM Coordinator, Polish Construction Cluster

Jarosław Sosnowski, Chief Specialist in the Department of Digital Services of the General Office of Building Control

Maciej Dejer, CEO of ePMflow

Tomasz Zemła, Project manager of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oświęcim

They presented very interesting perspectives on, among others, currently implemented digital solutions, benefits thanks to CDE, their experiences with the implementation of BIM, or advice for investors and many others.

For those interested, a recording of the discussion is available at,dyskusja

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A particularly interesting presentation during the event was the presentation by Sylwester Szczepaniak –

Coordinator for the information society and smart city, Office of the Union of Polish Metropolises, entitled ” Strategic needs of digitization of local governments. Challenges and reality.

The strategy discussed by Sylwester turns out to be extremely necessary in the digitization of the state and in the context of public investments, which includes, among others, digitization of construction, and thus long-term management of the investment and reduction of its costs.

The entire “Cities on the Internet” conference turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the prospects for digitization in construction, not only from specialists and enthusiasts, but also from the point of view of state offices. We are glad that more and more events are being created during which there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest news and specialist knowledge in the construction industry.

More about the event itself on the website:

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