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BIM as the First Step Towards Augmented Reality on the Construction Site

October 31, 2023
BIM technology and AR

The construction industry is currently undergoing revolutionary changes, and one of the tools playing a crucial role in this transformation is Building Information Modeling, or BIM. However, it is not just a tool for creating three-dimensional building models; it is primarily the first step toward utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) on the construction site.

BIM – A Concept That Changes Our Approach to Construction

BIM is much more than just technology. It is a concept that integrates all project information, processes, and resources in one place. It includes not only geometric data but also information about materials, costs, schedules, the building’s lifecycle, and other key project aspects. This enables designers, engineers, contractors, and others involved in the project to work on a common, integrated model, eliminating many errors at the concept stage, ensuring better coordination, and optimizing project execution.

Real-Time BIM on the Construction Site

However, BIM is not only a tool during the design and planning stages. Thanks to mobile technology and the cloud, the information contained in the BIM model can be accessible to construction workers on the site in real-time. This opens the door to the use of augmented reality (AR) on the construction site.

Augmented Reality – Technology That Changes the Rules of the Game

Augmented reality is a technology that allows the integration of the virtual world with the real world. Construction workers can wear special glasses or use mobile devices that utilize cameras to display information from the BIM model on the real-world image. This allows them to see the building on the construction site before commencing work. In later stages, they can continuously coordinate the locations of elements such as walls, structures, installation components, or even interior furnishings.


Benefits of Using BIM and AR on the Construction Site

There are numerous benefits to using BIM and AR on the construction site. Firstly, it helps increase the precision of construction work, eliminating errors and expediting the construction process. Secondly, it enables better coordination among different teams working on the construction site, leading to more efficient collaboration. Thirdly, it allows for faster decision-making as information is available in real-time.

BIM and AR as Project Management Tools

BIM and AR are also tools that allow for better construction project management. Progress can be tracked, material consumption monitored, and costs controlled. This gives investors and project managers better control over the budget and schedule, allowing them to react to threats in a timely manner.

BIM and AR After Construction

It is also worth noting that BIM and AR have potential not only on the construction site but also after construction is completed. The BIM model can serve as a source of information for building management during its operation. With AR, maintenance and repairs can be facilitated by using visualizations to identify problems or the location of equipment in need of inspection or servicing.

Summary – BIM and AR as the Future of Construction

BIM as the first step toward augmented reality on the construction site opens up new possibilities in the construction industry. With this tool and AR technology, precision, efficiency, and control over construction projects can be enhanced. It is an investment in the future that brings numerous benefits to

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