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BIM in the Everyday Work of a Designer: Challenges and Solutions

August 18, 2023
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In today’s dynamic design environment, BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology has become a key tool for modern designers. From revolutionizing the way we think about design to leveraging advanced visualization tools, BIM plays a key role in creating innovative and effective designs.

However, like any new technology, BIM brings with it both challenges and solutions. In this article, we will look at what challenges may arise in the daily work of a designer using BIM and what strategies and solutions can be used to successfully deal with these challenges.

Challenge 1: Multi-Discipline Integration

BIM promotes collaboration between different design disciplines, which can lead to the need to integrate disparate information. Contractors, architects, engineers of various specialties – everyone contributes. In such a situation, it is necessary to create an effective process of information exchange and coordination of the project.

Solution: Using the BIM platform as the main source of information, creating one central model that is updated on an ongoing basis by the entire team. Regular interdisciplinary meetings help to avoid conflicts and collisions, while reducing design time.

Challenge 2: Skills development

Moving to BIM can require designers to learn new tools and approaches. This process can be time consuming, and switching from traditional design methods can sometimes be difficult.

Solution: Investment in education and training. Many suppliers offer online courses and training as well as official BIM certifications. This not only develops skills, but also increases confidence in working with BIM technology.


Challenge 3: Availability of Software and Infrastructure

Working with BIM requires advanced software and appropriate infrastructure. Not every company or project has access to these resources.

Solution: Selection of tools tailored to the needs of the project and available resources. There are many different programs on the market for working with BIM technology that can be tailored to specific projects and resources

Challenge 4: Technical Support and Internal Adaptation

The introduction of BIM technology may require a change in work culture and team structure. The introduction of a new tool may meet with resistance from employees.

Solution: Management support that recognizes the benefits of BIM and provides the right resources. Also, educating and training your team on the benefits and features of BIM can help accelerate adoption.

In conclusion, BIM technology brings numerous benefits to designers, but also poses some challenges to them. Successfully dealing with these challenges requires an understanding of the processes and a consistent strategy. Understanding that this technology not only transforms the design process, but also the way we collaborate and think about projects is crucial to success in everyday work with BIM.

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