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May 22, 2024
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We follow the latest information regarding BIM and modern technologies with interest. Here are some topics and information that we have paid attention to in recent weeks.

Autodesk is a partner of the Polish Association of Developer Companies (PZFD)

Autodesk has become a partner of the Polish Association of Developer Companies, the largest organization in the development industry in Poland. The main assumptions of the cooperation are the promotion and dissemination of digital work methods and mutual cooperation of all stakeholders (designers – contractors – investors) throughout the entire investment process, from the beginning of design to the implementation of the investment. The digitization of the construction industry is already underway, but there is still much to do. However, the benefits offered by modern design methods appeal to an increasingly wider group of people in the industry.

ESG challenge for 2024

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) defines a set of criteria and standards that assess the impact of a company’s activities on three areas: environment, society and management. ESG is becoming an indispensable element of business management strategies. Regulators in many countries, including the EU, are taking many steps to include ESG issues in regulations related to sustainable development. Currently, the ESG reporting obligation in Poland applies to large entities constituting the so-called public interest companies with a high level of revenue (above PLN 170 million) and employing at least 500 people. However, the ESG directive will gradually cover additional entities. In 2026, it will also apply to medium and small enterprises. This is also a challenge for the construction industry, which has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions and waste production. BIM can play a significant role in the sustainable development of the industry by using this technology in effective project planning and resource management.

New technologies are entering the real estate market

The 3D model, an indispensable part of design in the Building Information Modeling methodology, allows you to visualize the investment and use it when presenting, for example, residential buildings to potential clients. Virtual tours of the building are also being tested. All this allows for an even better visualization of the appearance of the apartments, the layout of individual rooms and, consequently, for a potential customer to make a more informed purchasing decision. This is an attractive way of presenting real estate. Imaging the building in a 3D model also allows you to show the planned investment before its construction, thanks to which it is possible to announce the start of sales much earlier.

A VR laboratory was created at the Krakow University of Technology

The laboratory was created to educate future digital construction engineers as a scientific and teaching base for students of the “Buildings – Information and Modeling (BIM)” specialization in construction (2nd degree). It is planned to use virtual reality to visualize projects in 3D, verify design assumptions and check what the designed object will look like and whether it is well designed. The combination of building information modeling and virtual reality allows you to demonstrate the possibilities of modern design methods and sets the direction in education and development of construction.

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