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BUDMA 2024

February 5, 2024
BUDMA 2024

This year, we had the pleasure of participating in the next edition of the BUDMA fair, an event that year by year strengthens its position as a key meeting place for professionals from the construction industry. BUDMA 2024 surprised us not only with its size and international reach, but above all with its focus on innovative solutions that respond to current challenges and market needs.

Innovations and practical solutions

This year’s fair was a testimony to how dynamically the construction industry is developing, adapting to changing requirements and expectations. Exhibitors presented a wide range of products, from advanced construction materials, through modern technologies, to comprehensive project management systems. Presentations related to green energy and sustainable development were particularly interesting, which shows the growing ecological awareness in the industry.

Changes in software presentation

We noticed that this year there were fewer companies specializing in software for the construction industry at the fair. This may be the result of the growing popularity of online presentations, but we have found out again that direct contact with technology and the opportunity to exchange experiences with live experts are irreplaceable.

Szczególne podziękowania dla wystawców

We would like to highlight and thank several companies that particularly caught our attention with their innovative approaches:

These and other meetings were an invaluable opportunity for us to expand our knowledge and be inspired to continue searching for innovative solutions in our everyday work.

Reflections and expectations

After days full of conversations, presentations and workshops, we return to our duties enriched with new experiences and ideas, not only related to BIM technology. BUDMA 2024 confirmed our belief that the construction industry is constantly developing, and staying up to date with the latest trends is crucial for every professional.

We are looking forward to the next edition of the BUDMA fair, where we will again have the opportunity to meet, exchange experiences and jointly search for new, even better solutions for our industry.

See you at BUDMA 2025!

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