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We have officially joined BIMKlaster!

March 5, 2024
BIM Klaster BIM Ally

We are pleased to announce that our company has become part of the prestigious BIMKlaster group, which means the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in our business. Joining the BIMKlaster is not only an honor for us, but also an expression of commitment to the development and promotion of the BIM methodology in the construction industry.

Commitments and goals

As new members of BIMKlaster, we are determined to actively share knowledge and experiences with other cluster participants. Our priority is also to support the development of awareness of the BIM methodology and its key role in the implementation of construction projects. The BIM methodology, as a tool enabling better planning, design, construction and management of facilities, is the foundation of modern architecture and engineering.

Cooperation within the BIMKlaster also gives us a unique opportunity to actively participate in legislative processes, which is aimed at supporting the implementation and integration of BIM into the standards of design and construction works in Poland. We believe that our joint activities will contribute to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the quality of construction investments.

Joint initiatives and future projects

We look to the future with enthusiasm, waiting for the effects of our cooperation with BIMKlaster, which will certainly bring benefits to the entire industry. We are convinced that thanks to joint initiatives we will be able to implement our projects even more effectively, using the experience and knowledge of the best experts in the industry.

Leading companies on our journey

On our journey with BIMKlaster, we are accompanied by renowned companies that, like us, focus on innovation and technological development. Partners include:

  • Xella Polska – lleader in the production of building materials,
  • Sweco – experts in sustainable engineering,
  • Isetia – innovators in project management,
  • Norconsult – specialists in engineering solutions at the highest level.

and many others.


We encourage all our clients, partners and supporters to follow our activities within BIMKlaster. Together we have a chance to shape a better future for the construction sector, relying on the latest innovations, cooperation and advanced technologies. Thank you for your trust in us and we look forward to fruitful cooperation.

Together we are building the future of the construction industry!

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