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March 24, 2023
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Programmers are a key group of employees in modern IT companies. Nowadays, when most business activities take place online, programmers are essential to ensure the smooth operation of IT systems and to provide customers with the best solutions. In this article, we will discuss the role of programmers here at BIM ALLY and what qualities and skills are crucial for their success at work.

Needed skills

The skills that are needed in the work of a programmer are primarily knowledge of the programming language(s). The ability to analyze and solve problems using algorithms and data structures as well as the capability to communicate precisely with team members is also essential. In addition to skills, a good programmer has certain specific character traits. These are accuracy and focus on details, a drive for development and continuous learning, positive laziness, i.e. striving for maximum efficiency by using previously created solutions, automation and searching for the simplest solutions.

What is the job of a programmer at BIM ALLY?

Programmers at BIM ALLY, apart from developing their own products, also implement software projects on behalf of clients. Therefore, our programmers come into contact with many technologies, architectures and programming philosophies. On the one hand, this is a challenge, but on the other hand, it makes them versatile and flexible specialists. In addition, it’s hard to get bored or fall into a routine when working on many, diverse projects. From the beginning of the company’s existence, their goal has been to build a competitive advantage through technology. That is why both our products and the projects they implement for our clients are innovative and are based on the latest available solutions.


What does starting work on a project look like?

Developers start working on analyzing the problem they need to solve. On the basis of this analysis, they try to select the optimal technologies in terms of the problem and the team’s competence. Then, a diagram of the complete solution and a schedule for the implementation of its individual elements are created. Then these elements are broken down into individual tasks and assigned to team members. Often their work also requires consultation with people from other departments, e.g. BIM modelers department.

What programs and technologies do they use most often?

Our programmers usually work in Python, Ruby, JavaScirpt, HTML & CSS including
Bootstrap, bash, C# and use software such as Revit, Visual Studio, Pycharm, SketchUp, Excel, VSCodium, WSL or Krita. The choice of environment depends on the language in which the project iswritten. If a programmer is programming in Ruby or Javascript, he uses Visual Studio Code, and if he is programming in Python, he uses Pycharm.

They also often edit graphics, using the Krita software. They use GIT as a version control system. Of course, they use it the only right way, according to our programmer Laura – that is, by typing commands straight into
the terminal.

programmer at BIM ALLY

In addition to programming, they deal with operating systems, in particular Linux. They take care of setting the reverse proxy using Nginx, launching applications on new servers, writing scripts to automate everyday tasks and solving errors resulting not from the behavior of the program, but from the settings or the system. They are also responsible for creating virtual machines using e.g. Docker or WSL. Sometimes they also deal with minor tasks in the field of web administration, i.e. – they take care of current HTTPS certificates, assigning appropriate web addresses to web applications.

That’s not all – BIM ALLY programmers also create plug-ins. They have contact with the BIM library, which allows to load families or materials directly into Revit in a few clicks, without leaving the program. This functionality is the core of our plug-ins, which are also complemented by specialized tools, depending on
the needs of a specific manufacturer. Currently, they are finishing one of the plug-ins in which they had the opportunity to create such tools, for example for automatically dividing walls into parts. They also write their own tools to support the work. One of them is a simple framework for running tests in Revit as a plug-in that they regularly use.

This is just a small fragment of what our IT department creates. As you can see, the work of a programmer at BIM ALLY is also a challenge that requires great determination and passion. It takes many hours of work and effort, but it is certainly a job that gives a lot of satisfaction and allows them to create something new and valuable

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