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Working Group for AI and IoT at the Ministry of Digital Affairs

May 9, 2024

The Ministry of Digitization undertakes numerous activities aimed at promoting and developing artificial intelligence, innovation and new technologies in Poland. These activities include, among others: Working Groups such as GRIoT – Group for the Development of the Internet of Things, or GRAI – Group for Artificial Intelligence. GRIoT and GRAI are bodies bringing together specialists, experts and practitioners to promote, coordinate and develop activities related to the use of new technologies and artificial intelligence in all areas of digitalization.

  • GRIoT – Working Group for Internet of Things at the Ministry of Digitization deals with issues related to the development, regulation and dissemination of IoT solutions and data processing techniques related to it. The group is a forum for dialogue between the government administration and the social side. It includes representatives of business, non-governmental organizations, academic and research centers
  • GRAI – Working Group for Artificial Intelligence at the Ministry of Digitization was established to promote, coordinate and develop activities related to the use of artificial intelligence in the private and public sectors and in conducting scientific research. This body brings together experts, researchers and practitioners dealing with artificial intelligence and new technologies.

Both groups have a similar structure and function, but differ in their area of main interest. GRIoT focuses on innovation and new technological solutions related to the Internet of Things, while GRAI focuses on artificial intelligence and its applications.

We are very pleased to announce that one of the members of the Working Group for the Internet of Things (GRIoT) at the Ministry of Digital Affairs is a member of our management board, Piotr Trusiewicz, who joined the team at the beginning of last year as the Chairman of the Construction Subgroup.

This year, both groups joined forces and work together to implement new digital solutions in Poland. Another meeting of the Working Group on AI and IoT was held in April. The Ministry of Digitization initiated the process of implementing the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) into Polish law. The division of work, the selection of leaders and further steps aimed at using these advanced technologies in the context of the country’s digitalization were also discussed.

Piotr Trusiewicz is an active participant in meetings, thanks to which we can keep up to date with changes taking place in the field of artificial intelligence and innovative solutions and share the knowledge and experience gained in this area with a wider group of interested parties.

In times of ubiquitous digitalization and new technologies, actions are needed to regulate, promote and disseminate knowledge about new solutions and the safety of using technology in society. Working Groups at the Ministry of Digital Affairs are key elements in shaping digital policy and supporting technological development in Poland.

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