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BIM solutions are a collection of methods, tools, and processes related to building and infrastructure information management. They allow you to increase the efficiency and quality of construction projects, as well as reduce costs and minimize the risk of errors.

We know how important it is to adapt the right tool to work with, so choose a service that is tailored to the needs of your company.

BIM model generators

Generate BIM models based on data entered into the website interface and solve the problem of too many variations of your product models.

Benefits of using BIM model generators:

Quick access to models.

You can build an almost unlimited library of products with a moderate budget.

BIM model generators

Spatial Configurators

Spatial Configurators

Choose products according to your preferences and decide on the level of complexity of the tool – configure simple room layouts, but also have the ability to see changes in real time thanks to the AR view and the actual 3D model.

Benefits of using space configurators:

User involvement in independent selection of a specific solution.

Possibility of obtaining leads.

Texture generators

Arrange materials in different ways, mix products from several collections, create a 2D or 3D view and check which version is perfectly suited to your needs.

Benefits of using texture generators:

Time saving for designers – it is possible to present many alternatives in a short time.

Unlocking the creative potential of the user of a given material.

Texture generators



Move into the AR – VR world, where the manufacturer’s products used in a given project are imaged and see not only individual elements of the interior, but also have the ability to move and change views.

Benefits of using showrooms:

For the manufacturer – the ability to show products live in the form of a responsive application in which the user can move around.

For the user – they no longer have to imagine what the product will look like, but have the opportunity to see how will it look live.

Dedicated solutions

Thanks to them, your company will provide even more unique values for all architects or engineers working with your products. Irrespective of whether your company needs a solution inside a design software such as REVIT or not.

Benefits of using dedicated solutions:

They work faster and more efficiently than generic solutions.

They can be easily expanded and adapted to changing requirements.

Dedicated solutions
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