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BIM model generators

Generate BIM models based on data entered in the website interface and solve the problem of too many variations of your product models.

What is worth knowing about BIM model generators?

BIM model generators solve the problem of too many construction products that come in many variations, e.g. different window arrangements made of one type of frame and profile.

For this reason, the manufacturer often ends up with tens of thousands of products treated as a separate BIM model. As a result, the cost of preparing libraries is huge, and which is also an insurmountable barrier to entry and maintenance for most manufacturers.

How it’s working? On the website interface, you can configure, enter, or select product features. Then, these data are sent to the server, where REVIT is enabled with the appropriate software, which will send the finished model to the website or by e-mail to the user. It is also possible to send the file directly to a design program, such as REVIT or ARCHICAD.

BIM model generators

Key features

For the user – quick access to models (previously, if the user wanted a window, he had to contact the manufacturer, then a person from the technical department had to prepare and send a given model, which involves the use of company resources.)

For the manufacturer – In a moderate budget, you can build an almost unlimited library of products.

BIM model generators benefits

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