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BIM ALLY Sp. z o. o. again, together with the Faculty of Management Engineering of the Białystok University of Technology and partners, conducted a study on the use of BIM technology by architects and designers of structures and installations of all types.

BIM and designers

In May 2023, we asked designers what technological solutions they use in their daily work. We looked at how BIM technology is perceived by them and how it affects the way they create, analyze and turn visions into reality.

What trends have we noticed in the group of over 100 active designers?

A nationwide study on technological solutions used by designers has proven that:

1. The majority of respondents use BIM technology in their professional work. This indicator has increased by slightly over 75% in the last 5 years. The use of BIM technology for over 5 years was declared by 44.14%, while currently 77.47% of respondents work in BIM.

2. In addition to the basic software, designers also use additional digital resources and work tools.

  • Most often these are plug-ins created by commercial companies or downloaded from the Internet, CDE platforms and plug-ins written by IT/BIM departments.
  • Medium and large companies use plugins written by the company’s IT/BIM department much more often. This frequency increases with the length of the company’s operation.
  • Smaller enterprises (micro and small) are more likely to use plug-ins provided by manufacturers of building materials and BIM model platforms.

3. Designers, noticing the lack of sufficient knowledge and skills in the area of using digital work tools related to BIM technology, in the vast majority (90.99%) feel the need to improve their qualifications. Only 2.7% have the opposite opinion, the rest do not know or have no opinion on this issue.

4. The designers considered all types of training to be the most effective forms of improving BIM qualifications, both those dedicated to closed groups and those organized remotely (online) or made available in the form of videos on Youtube.


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