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We invite you to download the report: Marketing trends among manufacturers of building materials.

BIM ALLY Sp. z o. o. together with the Faculty of Management Engineering of the Białystok University of Technology and partners conducted the first nationwide study on the marketing of building materials manufacturers on the B2B market.

Marketing trends among manufacturers of building materials

In November 2022, we asked representatives of companies producing building materials what actions they take to develop marketing in their companies. We also opened the topic of BIM technology to explore the industry’s prospects for the coming years.

What trends did we notice in the group of over 100 respondents?

The first study in Poland on Marketing Trends among manufacturers of building materials has shown that:

1. The target groups with the highest priority for the surveyed companies are distributors (32.38%) and designers (architects, engineers; 27.26%).

  • Only 16.19% of the respondents indicated that the group of end users/consumers is a priority for them in marketing communication.

2. BIM is gaining more and more support among companies

  • Slightly more than 12% of the surveyed manufacturers declared that they had already implemented BIM in their operations, and nearly 10% that they were at the implementation stage.
  • In the next 2-3 years, 46.67% of producers intend to start the implementation process.
  • some of the producers who declared their willingness to implement the digitization of their products in the next 2-3 years have already made efforts to actually implement it. 

3. Manufacturers of building materials agree on the need to use the company’s website and social media and build direct relationships with recipients. Discrepancies appear in the case of other tools.

4. Less than 5% of respondents do not use any tools to optimize marketing activities.



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