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Cooperation with the BIM Team at the Digitization Committee of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers

May 16, 2024

Our company’s mission is to support business partners in digital transformation on the way to building prosperity through sustainable development. As enthusiasts of new technologies, we like to look into the future, facing upcoming challenges, and our inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world motivates us to continuous development. We are happy to share the knowledge we have acquired, and years of experience in working with BIM technology make us experts in our field.

Our activities are aimed at helping producers of building materials undergo the digital transformation of the construction industry and achieve a higher level of digitization. We also support initiatives aimed at legislatively organizing the subject of BIM, developing work standards and promoting education related to this technology. We also value meetings with other specialists, during which we can exchange knowledge and views and gain a new point of view about this technology. This allows us to look for the best solutions for the industry.

Another opportunity for an interesting exchange of thoughts, ideas and visions for the near future was the meeting of members of the BIM Team at the Digitization Committee of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers, which took place on May 15, 2024 in Warsaw. It was an open meeting during which conversations were held around 3 main topics:

  • education and improvement of competences in the field of BIM in Poland;
  • determining the requirements for key positions in the project carried out using the BIM methodology;
  • the need to sort out the issue of confirming the qualifications of people in these positions.

We are glad that we could participate in this meeting and we are looking forward to the next one. I hope that it will be a great opportunity to exchange information on current work on the standardization of the BIM methodology in Poland, as well as a forum for discussion on the next steps that should be taken to develop this technology in a harmonious manner and taking into account all stakeholders.

A few words about the BIM Team

In September 2020, the National Council of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers (PIIB) established the BIM Committee, which was then transformed into the BIM Team at the PIIB Digitization Committee. Its main task was to implement the strategy adopted in February 2020 – “Strategy of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers in the field of BIM implementation, the place and role of the Chamber in this process and indication of ways of implementing this strategy”.

As a result of changes that have occurred since then in the scope of activities related to the digitization of the construction process, on December 13, 2023, the National Council of PIIB decided to update the strategy.

As we can read on the website of Construction Engineer“Among the newly defined activities of the BIM Team, the most important include:

  • striving to establish one center at the central level responsible for the implementation of BIM and digitalization in building and infrastructure construction in Poland;
  • striving to recognize the BIM model (provided in an open standard – IFC) as full-fledged documentation in the entire construction process;
  • support for initiatives at the central level related to the implementation of BIM;
  • submitting applications to institutions responsible for digitalization in order to indicate the directions of necessary changes in the law;
  • initiating and preparing BIM standards (including one coherent CCI construction classification) in cooperation with initiatives working for digital transformation;
  • cooperation with PKN in translating subsequent sheets of the PN-EN ISO 19650 standard and other standards regarding BIM;
  • defining BIM competences and defining a catalog of practical requirements for key positions of the BIM project;
  • standardization of the accuracy level of BIM models at individual stages of the construction process;
  • cooperation with the Public Procurement Office in disseminating the state purchasing policy regarding BIM and the recommendations resulting from it;
  • preventing the digital exclusion of engineers.”

We will keep track and report on the next steps that will be taken to popularize and systematize work in BIM technology. We are very happy with the dynamic development of initiatives aimed at introducing BIM to digitize the construction industry. We know that this is a process that takes time and work, but we are sure that this is the right direction for the development of the industry.

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